Coolest Spongebob Cake

My son wanted a Spongebob cake for his 8th birthday, and was specific about exactly what he wanted on it! So, here’s his vision in the form of: Spongebob, Patrick, the Krusty Krab, Squidward in a boat-car, Mr Krabs in a pile of money, Plankton and Gary.

The Krusty Krab, the boat and the pile of money were all formed using rice krispie treats and then covered in gumpaste and painted. All of the characters were made of gumpaste and the flowers were made of royal icing. The sand was graham cracker crumbs with blue sugar crystals as the parking lot around the restaurant. The burger was a mini corn muffin cut in half and topped with sesame seeds, a brownie for the “meat” and gumpaste for the lettuce and tomato.

The sign was poured white chocolate with candy writing. The pile of money consisted of small rounds of gumpaste painted to look like coins in edible gold and silver and green gumpaste rectangles for the dollar bills.

This was definitely a fun cake to do, but I’m glad it’s done!

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  1. The cost of the cake was really minimal. If you make your own icing, gumpaste and fondant, it’s extremely cost-effective. I would say the whole cake maybe cost $35 to make. Now, the time…


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