Coolest Spongebob Birthday Cake Idea

I made this Spongebob Birthday Cake Idea for my son’s 6th birthday. The crabby patty is made from 2 – sixteen in round cake pans. I used 2 – 9 x 11 cake pans for Spongebob. The crabby patty is made of devils food cake mix and brownie mix together so that it would be easy to carve.

To make Spongebob, I made pound cake, cooled it and then cut each 9×11 into 1/3 pieces. I then stacked each piece on top, adding buttercream frosting between each layer. To hold Spongebob together, I stuck chopsticks from the top to the bottom of Spongebob. He is frosted in buttercream and then I added yellow fondant for the body, green spots and face. The arms and legs are also made of fondant and secured using toothpicks.

I carved the top round layer to resemble the top of the crabby patty bun and carved the bottom with an indent for the burger and bottom of the bun. I added butter cream between the 2 layers and frosted the entire crabby patty with butter cream before adding the fondant. After adding the fondant to the crabby patty, I cut out an area about ½ inch to place Spongebob in. I put Spongebob body on top of the crabby patty and put a ½ inch cake dowel through the middle of Spongebob and the crabby patty. I then added the arms and legs and finished the detail on the cake!

It was a big hit with the kids and adults!

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