Coolest Spring Flowers Cake

I threw together this Spring Flowers cake kind of last minute. Someone I work with asked if I could do a 1/4 sheet double layer overnight for a birthday. So I did the bottom layer chocolate and the top vanilla with frosting in the middle.

I had made the drop flowers the weekend before for a project I had planned earlier in the week. These drop flowers are so easy and when they dry after a couple days I put them in a container and stick them in the freezer. So I found a picture of a clay flower pot, traced it onto parchment paper. Traced the outline with piping gel and transferred it onto the cake. I mixed a red frosting I had left over from another cake and some orange I also had and came up with a sort of terra cotta looking color.

I outlined it in black and filled it in with the star tip. I put a small dab of frosting on the back of the hard frosting flowers and just stacked them up. I filled in the spaces with some very simple leaves using the Wilton Leaf tip.

This is my 10th cake I have done after my class and I can see my writing is getting a lot better. Plus I read in one of my books to add a little bit of piping gel to your writing frosting which makes a huge difference!!

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