Coolest Irish Leprechaun Cake

This Irish Leprechaun Cake was so much fun to make.

I started out with a 10 inch square cake and cut it into four equal squares. I then topped them and carved them into a tree trunk shape. I used the extra pieces I cut off (triangle shapes) as limbs of the tree at the bottom.

I but a good crumb coat of buttercream and let harden. I made all the colors of fondant. I covered the board with fondant and pressed a star tip all over to make the grass design.

I covered the entire tree with brown fondant, and while it was still pliable used a knife and gum paste tools to press into the fondant and crease and cut into it to make it look like tree bark. Then I used pieces shaped into facial features and placed them on, in a layering technique. To make the fondant harden quicker for the figurines and branches, I used gum tragacanth which you knead into regular fondant. This can be bought at Michael’s or a specialty cake baking store.

I also used the gum tragacanth as a glue mixed with a little water as glue which I left over night to thicken.

I dusted the apples with a little red dusting powder as well at the leprechauns cheeks for a shading effect. The little gold pieces of gold I used an round icing tip to cut out.

As I made this cake I realized that the more attention to detail like the little bunny sticking out of the hole and the beer mug in the Leprechauns hand made it a little more special.

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  1. I do designer cakes all the time for my grandkids. wish I had a veido or more clearer instruction. Think this is the cutiest I have seen.


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