Coolest Star Wars Yoda Cake

For my son’s 9th birthday we decided to go with a Clone Wars theme. We made a Captain Rex Mask cake but in case we needed more cake and people didn’t want chocolate we made a Star Wars Yoda Cake too.

I used 1 8″ round to make the head and 1 to carve the ears out of. We just free handed, by referencing a picture off the internet, the ears to make them look sort of curvy. Then I took Lemon (yellow) frosting and tinted it green with green food coloring and a little bit of yellow and red coloring. We just stirred it until we got the right tint and tweaked it by adding coloring a little at a time to get the right tint.

Once the frosting was on we just “messed” it up by taking the spreader and lifted the frosting up to make it look like Yoda. We used a green can of frosting for the mouth and just made a divot in the cake and filled it in with the color.

We rolled balls of fondant for the eyes and nose. We covered them in the frosting and used black coloring to make the pupil of the eyes.

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