Sunday Lunch Cake for a Hospital Patient

This was made for a patient in hospital that just wanted a home made Sunday dinner! It was his birthday so his wife and myself came up with this idea! The plate is a simple Victoria sponge with a butter cream filling covered in white royal icing to make the shape of the dinner plate! Then all the food was made … Read more

Coolest Steak and Eggs Cake

Coolest Steak and Eggs Cake

This Steak and Eggs cake was made for a comedic co-worker who was always asking for someone to bring him steak and eggs for breakfast. I warned him…some day I would! This chocolate cake was covered with marscapone frosting and then I placed a fondant plate on top. The steak was formed out of fondant and … Read more

Coolest Soulfood Cake

Homemade Soulfood Cake

The bride to be wanted a soul food cake! Everything is edible and the plate sits on top of a 12in chocolate fondant cake. Faux food…..fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy with butter, collards, carrots and corn bread. They did not cut it until the following day!

Coolest Dinner Plate Cake

Dinner Plate Cake

This dinner plate cake was made as a birthday cake for someone who loves pie and chips. She has it most nights (and is still as thin as a rake!). This cake is just a simple Victoria sponge with buttercream and jam filling. The decoration is rolled out royal icing and other icing coloured and … Read more

Coolest Dinner Plate Cake

A Fine Italian Meal Cake

This dinner plate cake was made for my Pastor’s 40th birthday. Everyone at our church decided to throw him a surprise party and to have a Italian theme to it because he loves Italian food. So I got called to make the cake and wanted it to go with the theme and thought it would … Read more

Dinner Plate Cake

Turkey Dinner Plate

I made this dinner cake for my family’s Christmas dinner. It is completely edible. I thought the melted butter looks the most real. My sister in law thought the whole thing was real when it was sitting on the buffet table. It is completely edible. The plate is made from gumpaste, and the rest is … Read more

Coolest Curry And Rice Cake

Homemade Curry and Rice Cake with Beer

I struggled to find an idea for my son’s 19th birthday cake. Then it hit me – he loves curry so why not make a Curry and Rice cake version? I made a normal sponge cake in a rectangular shallow tin, then cut it into chunks. I coloured some butter icing that strange orangey colour … Read more

Coolest Full English Breakfast Birthday Cake

Homemade Full English Breakfast Birthday Cake

This full English breakfast birthday cake was created out of two oblong sponges. I used the traditional Victoria sponge cake recipe of 10ozs of flour, sugar and vegetable fat and 2ozs of coco powder, and 3 eggs. The top of the cakes were cut off and the two cut surfaces were stuck together with chocolate … Read more

Coolest TV Dinner Cake

Homemade TV Dinner Cake

This TV Dinner cake is all cupcakes. The chicken was graham crumbs and a donut on top. I also melted chocolate wafers and made the chicken bone. The butter was yellow taffy and black sugar on the corn on the cob plus jelly beans. The mashed potato was yellow taffy and Carmel sauce for gravy. … Read more

Coolest Steak And Potato Cake

Homemade Steak Dinner Cake

When my dad turned 60 we had a big surprise party for him. I was trying to think of something that he would appreciate and that would “fit” him. He’s a meat and potatoes kinda guy and so I decided to do a steak and potato cake. This was a huge cake. I used a … Read more

Coolest Thanksgiving Dinner Cake

Homemade Thanksgiving Dinner Cake

This Thanksgiving Dinner Cake, representing the dinner table, was made with an oval pan. The people were made of fondant which was tinted using Royal icing in different colors. The mashed potatoes were made from buttercream icing, the gravy from a rolo candy, with the large end cut off, and the corn from fondant. The … Read more

Cool Dinner Plate Cake

Most Original Shaped Cakes for the Coolest Birthday

I always let my children decide what shaped cakes they want on their cake then I try to create it for them. When my daughter turned 18 she decided she was done with such nonsense. She said she did not care what was on the cake so I picked the theme for her and surprised … Read more