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Coolest Stitched Skin and Eyeball Halloween Cake

I made this stitched skin and eyeball Halloween cake for my son’s 11th birthday party. He was born in October and he loves all things Halloween. I had never used fondant before so I was a little nervous, but it turned out as I had envisioned it and he LOVED IT!

Eyeball Halloween Cake Instructions

  • For the core of this cake, I made 4 layers of red velvet cake.
  • To create the effect I was going for, I rolled out white fondant mixed with ivory dye.
  • I laid random sections of fondant onto the cake and sewed together the different pieces using cooking string.
  • I hid the plastic eyeballs helter-skelter (in a disorderly random fashion) around the outside of the cake.
  • I left a few pieces of cake exposed, and then I added red gel around the seams.
  • I also took a paint brush and highlighted some areas with brown dye.

All of my son’s friends showed up at the party in costumes and my son could not wait to show everyone his awesome cake! First reaction, “Ewwwww!” Second reaction, “Ooooh it’s so realistic!” Third reaction, “COOL!” Ha ha!