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Coolest Strawberry Shortcake House Cake

I made this Strawberry Shortcake House Cake using a 3D snowman pan. I made the snowman and then cut the poor little guy’s head off. I then made a 6 inch cake for the base because it was just a tad bit bigger then the bottom of the inverted snowman body.

I cut the snowman in half and then in half again for layers. I also put a board in between the main two parts of the body that I cut and the bottom base to have a guide for cutting. I covered the base in green fondant and the strawberry in red. I used the snowman’s body flipped upside down to get the shape of the strawberry.

I also cut the full circles of foam board and glued them together so that I could have a good amount of board to secure the cake. After placing the pieces together on the board, I placed in 4 dowels so that I knew it would stay secure. I then piped on the decorations after placing the fondant doors and windows on the strawberry. Then I cut the leaves and stem for the top. I then piped the seeds on the front, back and sides of the strawberry.

All the little pieces like the raspberries, oranges and lemons were done out of fondant about a week prior. I also made the little basket for the fruit early along with the child’s name. I cut out her name and then decorated it with twinkle dust. I then added the dolls that were given to me and glues them with buttercream.




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