Cool Homemade Sunflower Birthday Cake

This Sunflower Birthday Cake is a cake I made for my 13 yr old daughter’s birthday. Her birthday is in the summer so we decided to go with a flower theme.

We had purchased clay pots for the girls to paint and some potted plants to go in them, which the girls then took home. So in keeping with the flower theme, this is the cake we decided to make.

The cake is baked in a large round Wilton pan, using the metal insert to make sure it was cooked all the way through. The cake was then covered in green butter creme icing which was dyed using the gel food coloring.

The fondant I made from a recipe I had gotten on line. Rolled out and cut out using a cardboard pattern I made in the shape of a large and smaller petal. I cut out the petals by tracing a knife around the pattern laid on top of the fondant. I then layered the petals on the cake, bending to make look more like petals. I then tried for the first time the spray food coloring that I just found in the baking isle at the grocery store, and sprayed the petals yellow.

The center is chocolate sprinkles piled in butter cream icing. The bumble bees are made of fondant dyed yellow and black, with small amount pink for the cheeks. The wings are white paper cut into heart shapes,(I couldn’t get the fondant to stand up quite right for the wings). The bees are just then placed around the cake. You could insert a toothpick into the under side of the bees then push into the cake to make them more secure.

The girls had a lot of fun at the party and I even heard a couple say they wished they had a cake like this for their birthday!

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