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Coolest Surfboard Cake

I had a Surf’s Up themed joint birthday party for my son’s first birthday and my dad’s 49th birthday since their birthdays are only one day apart.

I made a surfboard cake for my dad. I made two cakes, using a standard cake pan. Since my dad is diabetic, I used a healthier diabetic recipe to make his cake. It is a reduced sugar cake mix with one can of diet pop. I used a chocolate cake mix and one can of diet Pepsi. It is a very easy cake to make. All you do is mix the cake mix and the can of diet pop and bake accordingly. I usually have to bake a little longer than the directions on the cake mix.

I put the two cakes together to make a long rectangle. Then I cut the sides to make the cake look like a surfboard shape. My husband helped me with that. He rounded the edges some too so it did not look like ridged triangles.

Then for the icing I used a sugar free whipped cream since it was a diabetic recipe. To make the stripes on the surfboard, I used fruit rollups. I think I ended up using 3-4 of them all together.

I think if I would have used rolled up fondant it would have looked more polished, but since I was trying to make a healthy cake for my dad, I used the whipped topping. So my suggestion would be to use fondant to make it more polished looking. Whipped topping is really tough to smooth out and look polished.

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