My toddler J wanted a racetrack cake for his 3rd birthday. I was a bit worried because I thought it was going to be hard to find the necessary supplies to make it. As a mother of five with a vegan diet it can sometimes be difficult to embark upon a cake creating journey. My chidlren being allergic to dairy products and animal by products I had to search the web to find natural food coloring, organic candies and cookies and a vegan chocolate cake recipe. During my search for a racetrack cake I was led to this Awesome website where my son saw the delightful creations that inspired this cake.

Once I rounded up all of my supplies that arrived to me via fedex, I prepped a cake board with a cardboard from a packing box and covered it in wrapping paper. Then I cut wax paper in he shape of a figure eight by tracing around my 9 inch round cake pans. I attached the wax paper  to the cardboard base with a bit of strawberry jam. I used more jam and spread it across the wax paper figure eight with both hands. That was fun :) And once my chocolate cakes were cooled I placed them onto the wax paper. But I noticed that they were not fitting correctly so I had to trim the cake rounds to make them fit onto each other properly. But that turned out to be great because I had my children help me crumble those extra pieces to be used for the dirt road on the cake track. They sure had fun munching on the cake  “dirt ” crumbs too.

I don ‘t have a mixer so I had to mix the frosting by hand while my children ooowed and aaahed, they wanted to taste so bad. I kept stirring and whipping until it became the right consistancy then I did a crumb coat and placed both cakes into the freezer for a few minutes. I tinted most of the remaining frosting with my blue and yellow food colorings but because they are plant-based it took a whole lot of food coloring to get a green color which made the frosting too thin so I had to add more powdered sugar and back and forth until I had a tint I was happy with. I frosting another layer onto the figure eight cake and placed back itnot he freezer. One more layer of frosting was perfect. Chilled again then I traced a number 3 with a butter knife and let my children add the chocolate cake crumbs  “dirt track ” I then placed the remaining white frosting into a baggie and snipped the end to make the outline of the 3 as well as the white line on the track. I chilled the cake in the fridge and got all the cookies and candies out letting my children sample everything. My oldest sons helped make the flags and stop sign and placed the cars onto the cake. Finally after all of those hours I was done and my whole family loved it. It was a lot of work veganizing a cake but it was worth every moment of happiness when my children and I shared this cake made with lots of love.