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“The Big Fish Catch!” Cake for the Greatest Fisherman

For the GREATEST FISHERMAN ever!  Happy 87th Birthday Dad.  I made this cake for my Dad this year as Mom & Dad had to cancel their annual trip due to health reasons.

I used : 1 boxed White cake mix (follow directions for water, eggs,etc).I mixed blue food coloring in the white cake batter for a little surprise inside.  The frosting filling and iced was a homemade cream cheese frosting.  The decorating frosting was homemade buttercream.

I used a deep 9″ cake pan and cut cake in half after cooling and filled it with the cream cheese frosting.  I separated 2 bowls of approx. 1/2 cup  of cream cheese frosting and using colored drops mixed 1 blue and 1 green.  Using a #32 tip I piped a border around the back of cake.  I used candy rocks around the lake, 1 sheet of graham cracker (crushed) for the dirt, and chocolate dipped toothpicks (melted chocolate chips) for the cattail plants around the shore. I printed up the signs and used toothpicks to insert into cake.   The fisherman, fish and plants were purchased for appro. $5 at a local party store.  Approx total time cooking and decorating was 80 mins.

All in all Dad was surprised and pleased at the thoughtfulness.  Although he couldnt enjoy it due to using a g-tube to eat resulting from cancer, he loved the “Big Fish Catch”, the memories it brought and many stories that were re-told for the rest of the day.

This cake will be made again as we have several fishing-people in the family.  It was a joy and my pleasure to make it for my Dad.