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Coolest Surfing Cake

Every year we have a pool party for our daughter’s summer birthday. This year we had a surfing theme so therefore the surfing cake.

The surf board was cut from a 9×11 cake. I iced the cake with white frosting and sprayed the stripes with icing spray to give it an airbrushed look. I sprayed the cake on another surface and transferred it to the finished background.

The “background” was a cookie sheet that I iced with white frosting. I used crushed graham crackers to make the sand and used blue icing spray to create the water. The spray was an easy way to achieve the water look.

I also made cupcakes so we had enough cake. I iced these and put the crushed graham crackers on top. To decorate these, I made candy sea shells from a mold and placed them on the “sand”.

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