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Pretty Homemade Tea Party Birthday Cake

My daughter loves to play tea party. For her 5th birthday I decided a teapot cake would be perfect! I figured it would be quite a challenge since I had only ever made 3 cakes before this! To my amazement this Tea Party Birthday Cake ended up being easier to make than the others.

I used 2 round stainless steel bowls to bake the cakes in. When cooled I stuck the 2 halves together with frosting, frosted the outside, and placed in the fridge to get firm. I baked cupcakes and cut the tops off to make the teacups. I recommend using pound cake for the cupcakes so they hold up better.

I decided to give fondant a try for the first time! It wasn’t too hard to work with and worked great to make the teacup and teapot handles and the teapot spout & lid. I covered the sphere of the teapot with fondant and wrapped a strip of fondant around the cupcakes. I rolled out the extra purple fondant and cut out polka dots using a shot glass and attached them with a little water (it worked like glue)! I attached the handles, spout, etc with small skewers. I didn’t have room to write out Happy Birthday or her name so I piped a M on a larger dot and placed in the center of the teapot which ended up being her favorite part of the cake!

My daughter and everybody else who saw the cake absolutely loved it and I was pleasantly pleased myself (& I’m my harshest critic)!


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