Coolest Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Cake

I was asked to make my friend’s son’s birthday cake for the second year, and he is only 2! Hopefully this is a pattern! I was asked to do a Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Cake for Kyle’s 2nd birthday. I usually would have gone to Wilton’s character pans but apparently THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE shaped pan is discontinued and hard to come by (some pricey ones on EBAY). I took a few days to think of how I would make one and decided to go on to his official website for ideas.

I found a color page activity link that I was able to print out. I stared at it for a few days and finally it cake to me: I can use the coloring page as I do when I carve pumpkins! I used a toothpick and poked out the images on fondant. I first rolled out the color fondant that I needed, used a layer of parchment paper on top, then laid the coloring page on top (paper will stick to fondant if you do not use a layer in between). Then I poked a toothpick along the lines that I needed for the shaped that I was doing.

Once all was poked, I pulled off the layers and used a knife to follow the lines and cut out each shape (be sure to cut inside the pokes so edges don’t look like ridges. I did that for each color fondant that was needed and then for each character I was using. Once the pieces were cut out, I then layered them to assemble the character.

I used small dabs of icing to attach the pieces. Then I filled in detail with icing. I then decorated the cake and added the characters. I found that if you have to add this technique to the side of a cake like I did, some pieces may slide off. So I supported them by inserting toothpicks to where support was needed. Then I decorated the toothpick ends with little dabs of icing so they were not noticed. I did put a warning label on the cake so they can pull out the toothpicks before serving!

Overall, it was an easy technique.

Homemade Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Cake

Homemade Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Cake

Homemade Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Cake

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