Coolest Tigger 1st Birthday Cake

My nephew was turning 1 and I was asked to make him a Tigger 1st Birthday Cake. I have made most of his big sister’s cakes too, I was happy to do it. It was a chocolate cake. I do use a cake mix, but don’t follow the recipe on the box. My cakes are usually a little more dense than the recipe on the box, and a lot more moist.

I used my character pan. I use a butter cream type frosting consisting of powdered sugar, shortening, a little water and vanilla. It is very simple, but not too sweet. I started by covering the sides then always outline the figure and all the areas before I fill them in. To cover the smaller areas, I use a smaller star tip, larger areas I use a larger star tip. I use older decorating methods like dipping my finger in cornstarch to smooth out small areas (Tigger’s nose, mouth and eyes). I try to make the bottom boarder colorful too.

The board is covered with plastic wrap, then black table covering (doesn’t seem to soak up the grease and it comes in so many colors!). Hope everyone likes it!

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