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Coolest 60th Birthday Luau Cake

The idea for this 60th Birthday Luau Cake came from this website. The week before, I started with the fondant flowers as recommended. Next, I built my tiki hut using an empty (clean) can of tomatoes (29 oz can) and glued bamboo corn skewers around it with the pointed edges down to dig into the cake when assembling. Next, I took a styrofoam ball and pared it down to resemble the roof. I cut up a grass skirt and glued the pieces of the grass skirt criss-crossing the pieces until the roof was covered. The next day, I painted the tiki hut brown with water color paint.

The day before the party, I baked my 12x18x2 cake and a 9 inch round cake (the island). I frosted the sheet cake in blue to resemble water. I cut off some of the round cake so the island would slope down like a beach. I frosted the island with white frosting, and placed it on top of the sheet cake. I spread (carefully) crushed up vanilla wafers over the top of the island as my sand…and then added spots of brown sugar on top of the wafers to look like wet sand!

Then I placed the tiki hut on the cake pressing into the cake to hold the hut in place. I put some frosting on the bottom side of the roof to hold the roof on. The trees (from my son’s dinosaur kit) were added along with the flowers. I finished the cake off with a towel made of fondant with a drink umbrella, some leaves for my flowers, and a border around the edges.

The cake was a hit, everyone loved it! I can’t wait to make the next one!

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