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Coolest Tinkerbell Birthday Cake 39

I made this Tinkerbell cake for a family member who has been an avid fan of Tinkerbell from Peter Pan for years. I wanted to surprise her with a special Tinkerbell cake seeing as most of her presents and cards were Tinkerbell themed this year!

I made a chocolate cake and covered it with chocolate frosting, then stored it in the fridge overnight while I worked on the Tinkerbell frozen buttercream transfer. This was my second attempt at a FBCT (my first one was a Halloween Piglet cake also on this site!) so I was nervous about how to go about it.

I made a large batch of white frosting and split it into bowls for the different colours. I coloured one bowl peach for the skin, another yellow for the hair, another blue for the wings and a final one green for her dress. I left some white for her eyes and pompoms on her shoes, but I still had some left over, so I decided to tint it pink to make a border on the cake. I outlined Tinkerbell onto some wax paper using black gel. Then I piped each colour on the appropriate place and put it into the freezer for a few hours.

When the icing was hard I covered it in more chocolate frosting and froze overnight. The next day I took everything out of the fridgefreezer and applied the transfer to the cake by flipping the paper onto the cake and peeling back. I then piped the pink border with a star tip, however it started to melt and drip off the sides as my icing wasn’t solid enough, so it didn’t keep the star shapes.

To hide the fact my border had gone wrong, I put some shop bought sugar flowers along the sides, and finished with a sprinkling of pink edible glitter, for a fairy touch. It turned out great and was a big surprise to the birthday girl!

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