Coolest Tinkerbell Cake

My daughter wanted a Tinkerbell party for her 4th birthday. I decided to create a “fairy hut” cake using a pack of Disney fairies, from the new Tinkerbell movie. I found these and the butterfly candles and “4” candle at Target. She absolutely adored this Tinkerbell cake!

I baked the cake in 2 Pyrex bowls, a 10 cup and a 3 cup capacity, at 350 until they were cooked through (which took a while for the large bowl, just keep checking). I had to use a wooden skewer to check if the cakes were done, because they were so deep. I used Wilton’s buttercream icing recipe and the Wilton’s icing colors. The colors I used here are Kelly green for the lighter green, a mix of Teal and Kelly green for the vines and leaves, Violet for the flowers, and lemon yellow for the centers of the flowers.

I first iced the large cake, then put the smaller one on top and iced over all of it, smoothing the icing with a wet knife. Then I added the fairies so I could ice the decorations around them. I piped on the vines using the writing tip, then added the leaves with a leaf tip. This was my first attempt at making leaves, so I practiced on wax paper first. Then I added the flowers with the large star tip and put the yellow dot using the writing tip.

I had a lot of fun making this and can’t wait to see what my daughter wants next year!

6 thoughts on “Coolest Tinkerbell Cake”

  1. Wow!! This is the coolest cake!

    I will be using your idea., I was looking for something where I could use all the fairies!!

    My daughter is turning 3, she is going to love her cake.

    Thanks again for sharing your idea!!!

  2. my daughter is turning one in September and I came across your cake and I would like to use your idea and also would like to learn how to make it. Even though she’s turning one I would want her birthday to be the most remembered birthday.

  3. I found some Fairies in a Tinkerbell book and play mat set at Costco (in Canada). Nice and small and would work great on a cake. There were many other books too such as Cars, Thomas, Toy Story etc and all have the little figurines in the back of the book set.


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