Coolest Tinkerbell Cake

My daughter is in love with Tinkerbell, so I decided to make a Tinkerbell cake for her 3rd birthday. I bought a Tinkerbell doll at the Disney Store and took off her clothes (I left her tights on). I wrapped her from the waist down in saran wrap. I used the green ribbon off the packaging to tie in her hair.

My husband used the clear plastic packaging that the doll came in to make our own set of wings (we didn’t want to get icing on the ones that Velcro to her dress). We used Stickles glitter glue to decorate the wings, and when the cake was done, we attached a toothpick to the wings to stick into the back of the cake.

My daughter wanted a strawberry cake, and we used the Wilton Wonder Mold pan to bake the cake. Maybe because strawberry is denser than white cake, the cake shrunk down and wasn’t tall enough to accommodate the doll (we used 6 cups of batter out of 2 cake mixes as directed on the Wonder Mold Pan). To compensate for the height difference, we made an additional 10″ x 2″ cake and put it underneath the Wonder Mold cake – we just trimmed around the bottom of the skirt so that it matched up (maybe this wouldn’t have been necessary if we used white cake mix?)

I didn’t want any green icing to stain the doll, so we cut a thin piece of fondant in the shape of the top of her dress and wrapped around the doll.

We then cut out a hole for Tinker Bell to go into the cake (we were afraid she’d displace the cake or make it crack if we just shoved her in!). We then packed cake around her in the hole to make her stand up straight. We crumb coated the entire cake in white icing.

We then used tip 16 stars to outline the leaves of her dress in dark green. We then filled in the rest of the dress using tip 16 stars in the light green – covering up the fondant “dress” we made on the doll. Finally, we piped the Happy Birthday message onto the front using tip 3 in lavender icing.

I then used tip 67 (Leaf) to cover the bottom of the dress, using a squiggly pattern in dark green.

We decorated the dress with fondant flowers we had made the night before. We used the Wilton Flower Making Kit and made Forget-me-nots (in lavender and pink) and Small Daisies. We rolled half of the daisies’ petals using stick 1 in the kit to give them a different look. We filled in the center of all the flowers using royal icing.

Our daughter LOVED her Tinkerbell cake!

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  1. This cake is beautiful! Out of all of the Tinkerbell doll cakes on this site, I have printed a picture of yours to mirror. Fantastic job!


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