For my son’s 5th birthday day he wanted a Ninja Turtle cake so I got to looking online for an original cake to make my own for him. I didn’t find one so I decided to come up with TMNT cake.

I made a classic white cake and doubled the recipe. I then made it double layer and added green frosting in the middle(the cake soaks up the frosting and turns it green). For the frosting I made a regular buttercream frosting and used the Wilton paste to color half yellow and the other half green. To mix the colors on the cake I just scooped both colors on my spatula and spread it on the cake.

For the sewer lid I just used what I had around the house (a bowl, a child cup, and lolly pop sticks). I didn’t have time to make fondant so I used the premade Wilton’s fondant and colored it with the black paste.

The turtles were purchased at the store and placed with the extra frosting that I had left over. The letters were free handed.