My son’s request for a 5th birthday cake was Tom & Jerry. I love making cakes but I am not so good at fondant characters. So, this time I tried something new….FLOODING ICING!! It’s such a wonderful media. Why don’t I see it more often?  It’s so easy. Make regular royal icing and place a piece of wax paper over the image you want to create. Trace the outline in black icing. Let dry overnight and mix your colors as needed and thin the icing out to the consistency of shampoo.

Fill in the colors one at a time letting dry before starting another color (using a tooth pick or fondant tools to get in the small areas) and let dry in the fridge overnight. I just made a double layered cake, frosted it the morning of the party and stuck my characters on about 10 minutes before we served the cake. My son loved it and they looked just like the characters.

This was my first attempt, so I didn’t spend much time on the actual cake but I will be using flood icing MUCH MORE in the very near future!