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Coolest Topsy Turvy Fiesta Cake

I made this Topsy Turvy Fiesta Cake for my daughter who wanted and Mexican Fiesta themed cake. I watched a couple of Topsy Turvy Cake tutorials and then got to work.

I baked 3 of each 9 inch, 7 inch, and 5 inch confetti cakes. I froze them separately. I them assembled the cakes with butter cream frosting. Carving and stacking as suggested on the tutorials. I did stabilize the cakes and refroze them when they got too soft to manage.

I refroze the assembled cake and then put a crumb coat on the entire cake. My family does not like fondant so I used Italian butter cream frosting to ice the cake. I used a yellow dye for the background color of the cake.

The red rosettes were made with Royal Frosting a day ahead. I used Wilton #2d. The orange flowers were made ahead with tip #1M.

For the blue piping I used a writing tip. The green frosting was made with a star tip. The green edging was made using the Wilton “grass” tip. The rosettes and flowers were attached with a dot of frosting. The ribbons were attached to cookie sticks and inserted when served. After frosting the cake I refrigerated it until it was time to serve it!

It is worth reading and or watching the tutorials on the Topsy Turvy cakes. Also FREEZE the cakes, they are so much easier to handle!

My daughter loved it! It was bright, colorful and very festive!

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