This Toy Story Birthday Cake was modeled after a couple of cakes on this site. The bed is a 9×13 cake. I made 8 1/2×2″ rectangular-shaped rice krispie treat for the pillow.

The headboard and foot board are each one piece of gingerbread. I rolled out the gingerbread onto a Silpat silicone baking sheet, then used a table knife to cut around paper templates that I had drawn. I rolled the gingerbread fairly thick but also put it in the freezer after I baked it to make sure it would remain sturdy enough.

I frosted the cake, then used a fair amount of extra frosting as the “glue” to adhere the frozen gingerbread (didn’t take it out of the freezer until the last minute) to the bed.

The characters came from the Disney Store.