Coolest Tractor Cake

My son had a John Deere tractor birthday party on a farm. This tractor cake was 2 9×13 sheet cakes that I put together. They weren’t completely even and that worked out perfectly because it looked more realistic of the ground.

I used a grass tip to pipe the green grass. The garden is chocolate icing that I spread out in a square and piped green plants growing. I sprinkled crushed Oreos around it just to look like it had been plowed. I piped a chocolate 3 behind the tractor with the biggest tip that I had and used a fork and crushed Oreos to make it look as if the tractor had plowed out the three.

The pile of dirt was crushed Oreos and a little bit of butter just to give it that texture of being clumped together. My son loved this cake!

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