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Coolest Farmyard and Tractor Birthday Cake

I made this Farmyard and Tractor cake for a friend’s birthday party. Their son, having had tractor cakes for the previous two years, wanted something a little different this year.

I baked and frosted a 9″ x 13″ single layer cake. I frosted it with green. I then added the “dirt” by using crushed graham crackers and the black cookies, minus their white frosting, from oreo. I sprinkled this on top of some brown frosting to make the area for the tractor. I then attached some spree-type candy that my mom had bought at Cracker Barrel’s gift shop, to make it look like something was planted.

I made the pond using blue frosting and chocolate rock candy for the border. I put some spree candy fish in the pond. I made cattails using toothpicks and brown frosting. I piped green grass as the border.

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