Coolest Train Birthday Cake

When I was in grade school all through high school, I could barely draw a straight line. The clay sculptures we made in art class always looked the same-like ugly ashtrays.  Then I decided I wanted to try my hand at decorating cakes. Suddenly the artsy side of me came out, and people started asking me to make cakes for them-like this train cake for a three year old’s birthday.

All the cars are made of fondant with gum-tex added. I searched different sites to get pictures of different types of cars, then started putting them together. Once the cars were complete, I started working on the cake itself-a simple white cake with Swiss butter cream. I wanted something different, so decided to try to sculpt the cake to make it look like the train was winding around. I found a mold that looked like rocks to give the impression the train was going through a rock covered tunnel, added a railroad crossing sign, tracks, a few clouds, and before I knew it the cake was done.

My customer was thrilled with the cake.  Better yet, her three year old son didn’t want to let the cake out of his site even long enough to even get ready for his own party he liked it so much.

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