I got the idea for this Homemade Train Birthday Cake Design from this website and from the information and pictures that other people posted here. Thanks!

I made 3 loaf pans, and one tin can. I ended up not using half of one of the loaf cans. I used 2 cake boxes in total. I constructed the main cake by taking a full loaf pan (filled about 3/4 full), crumb coated it with white icing, then crumb coated the round one, and put it on top. I froze them in order to shape it better.

After that, I built up the back by adding layers of half of another loaf. Crumb coated it, then froze again. I took two parts of the loaf pan for the two cars, one I added walls (the first car that I filled with crushed Oreos) by cutting sections of the cake, frosting it, then constructing it.

After I crumb coated everything and had it constructed, I put it in the freezer again, just so everything was hard and not falling to pieces. I piped all the colored icing using star tips and put a marshmallow for the smoke stack thing, and covered it with icing as well. I used bread sticks for the last car, trying to resemble logs. Of course, Oreo cookies for the wheels.

Just remember to leave the cake out at least 45 m to thaw out. I didn’t with mine, just stuck it in the fridge, and it tasted like an icecream cake. haha. Oh well. It was yummy and very popular with everyone.

Thanks for this website, I’ve used it now for 3 cakes. I’m determined to always make my kids’ cakes. Thanks!