Coolest Train Cake

This was the first cake I had ever done. My son was turning one and I wanted to do something special for his birthday so decided on a train cake. The two main train cars were made from a large cake cut into smaller sections. Each of the smaller train cars were individual mini pound cakes baked and frosted with buttercream icing and then star tipped with different colors using a pastry bag. The wheel hubs were sweet tarts.

The animals ( I still have them, actually)on top of each car were made from marzipan that I kneaded, colored and molded by hand. Since we’re from MD, there is actually a crab that you can’t see in this picture, on the track behind the last train car. The track was just piped on with black icing. The cake ended up being about 4 feet long and was the centerpiece of the table all during the party!

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