I baked a delicious and easy chocolate cake for this train cake and let it cool.  I turned it out onto a cake board I made from a baking tray and silver paper.  Then I made green vanilla butter cream  and spread it onto the cake with a spatula and created a grassy effect with a serrated knife.  I made the train tracks out of red licorice and chocolate finger biscuits and placed the birthday boy’s favorite train on top!

The trees were made from ice cream cones coated in white chocolate which I had melted in the microwave and colored with green food coloring.   I rolled the cones in the green chocolate and dipped the bottom in choc sprinkles to represent bark and break up the green cone on the green cake.  I let the green chocolate cones set a little so I could add the fruit sherbet lollies on it without them sliding off and let everything set in the fridge.  I placed the cones on the cake by pressing them gently into the icing.

Then I got some candy toad stools from the supermarket and put a toothpick into the stalk to support them and pierced it into the cake.  This was for my 2 year old nephew’s birthday!