Coolest Transport Truck Birthday Cake

I made this Transport Truck Birthday Cake for a friend’s birthday. I used Wilton’s long loaf pan for the trailer and I used 4 mini loaf pans for the truck. I stacked two of the mini loaf pans one on top of the other for the cab of the truck and then I cut one mini loaf in half and stacked the two pieces one on top of the other for the middle of the truck where the door is.

I had to cut some pieces off of that part to square it off. Keep the pieces and use them for the hood part. I then used the 4th mini loaf and remaining pieces of the other loaf make hood of the truck. You have to put something under the trailer to support it evenly. I used a piece of hardwood that my husband cut to fit under it but you could use anything long enough to support it.

You also need something to put under the front of the truck to bring it up to be slightly higher than the trailer. The stacks of the truck are the black licorice pipes that I bought at the bulk food store and I iced them grey/silver to be the color of actual truck stacks. The wheels are Oreo cookies you need 10 of them.

This cake was fun to make!


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