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Coolest Treasure Chest Birthday Cake

This Treasure Chest Birthday Cake was made using various techniques that others have posted on this site. This was made from two 9×13 sheet cakes; 1 cake is cut in half and layered two layers high (this is the bottom of the chest), the other cake is cut in half and only half of it is used for the top of the treasure chest.

I frosted the treasure chest with store-bought chocolate frosting. It is very helpful to do a crumb layer first and chill it in the fridge before putting the final layer on.

To decorate the chest I simply used butterscotch chips as “studs” on the chest and I cut out a key-hole from a gold foil candy wrapper. To assemble the chest, layer gold and silver foil wrapped candies, chocolate coins, Tootsie pop candies (look like jewels), Rolos, etc. on the front part of the bottom of the chest only. You want the top of the chest to sit on the candies and look like the chest is overflowing with “booty”. Play beads add an extra nice touch.

Layer the top of the chest over the candies and wallah! Have some “booty” spill out onto your cake plate, too. I crushed up graham crackers to made “sand” for the cake to sit in. It was surprisingly easy and I received accolades from parents and kids alike.

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