Coolest Treasure Chest Birthday Cake

The year of the Pirate! I was challenged to create two cakes to go with the pirate theme for my boys, age 4 & 6. I used two chocolate cake box mixes (Duncan Hines I think) and baked these cakes in separate Pyrex 9×13 casserole dishes.

After the cakes cooled I cut them in half to create the top and bottom of the chest. The bottom portion was frosted with chocolate frosting. Then I placed the candy coins and candy jewelry on the bottom portion and placed the top at an angle (using tooth picks to keep it balanced). Fruit leather was used on top to look like the leather straps on a real chest and Skittles candies were used as the studs.

I got a lot of the ideas for these cakes from this site. The cakes were simple to make and were the hit of the party. Make sure you have extra candy necklaces and coins as each child wanted one.