Coolest Tree Cake

My second girl was turning 15. It had to be special since everybody knows I bake cakes. She didn’t want the usual, it was difficult to pick a theme. So she loves green! And then we found the most wonderful place with a view of a big tree house.  That’s when she decided to include trees, leaves and all kinds of green to the decoration.

So for the cake I started a brainstorming and search of possible ideas and saw a real tree slice used as cake stand. At first I thought of making three layers and cover all of them with leaves as if they have fallen from a tree. I found the tree slice to be used as cake stand and when the three layers where up then my oldest daughter (my helper most of the time) suggested that the bottom cake should be decorated as a continuation of the tree slice cake stand and the top three should be the leaves of that tree. And Wala!  We spent all night cutting, painting, forming and attaching leaves to the tree.

I loved the result because I have never seen something like it so it was unique and special. People reacted surprised and couldn’t tell if the cake stand was real or was another decorated cake at the bottom!! We are very proud of our tree cake and everything was coordinated as desired by the birthday girl and her nature theme!

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