Coolest Truck Cake

One of the first 3-d cakes I’ve attempted and the first time I’ve used fondant. This was for my neighbor’s 30th birthday. He loves to go mudding, so I worked off of that. I used various tips from this site to figure out this truck cake.

The base is made of two layers of rice krispie treats, which is hidden by the buttercream mud. For the main base of the cake I made a half sheet, cut it in half and stacked it. I used a loaf pan for the cab and cupcakes with the tops cut off for the wheels. All the details on the truck are in fondant.

For the rims I used an edible silver dusting powder. All of the other details are done in plain colored fondant. Thankfully I was able to use the “mud” to cover up any cracks. Overall, it took about 4 boxes of cake mix, of course with some extra cupcakes left over, and about 30 rice krispie treats.

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