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Coolest Turkey Cupcakes

My daughter and I had a blast making these turkey cupcakes for her 1st Grade Thanksgiving party at school. We started with both chocolate and white cake mix. (whatever your fancy!) We also picked up a bag of candy corns, strawberry fruit roll ups, box of Sandies Mini Shortbread cookies (100 Calorie), small black icing gel, both chocolate and white icing.

Bake, cool and ice your cupcakes with the chocolate icing, add the cookies for the side wings and face then add the candy corn feathers to the back and later the face.

Tabitha’s class loved them!

5 thoughts on “Coolest Turkey Cupcakes”

  1. I made these little cupcakes for thanksgiving, and they were a hit. Everyone thought it was the coolest thing, and the kids loved them. Thank you! What are great idea! I couldn’t find the right sized cookies, so I had to bake mine from scratch, then trim them. But they were fun to make.

  2. these were really simple and fun! the sandies were perfect, and although I didn’t have any candy corn, I just used orange and yellow icing and made the tails! Great idea!

  3. These cupcakes (complete instructions and all) appear on the familyfun.com thanksgiving treats section. I made them last year, and everything thought they were the cutest things.


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