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Coolest Turtle Cake

I made the body of the Turtle cake first. This is just a confetti boxed cake that is made in 2 – 9in circle cake pans. And I baked 4 small flower pot cupcakes, and a small square cake, which would be the head.

Once everything cooled, I placed all the cakes together to make the right shape for the turtle. I cut the small square cake into a turtle head shape. I dirty butter creamed the entire cake. Lightly on top because I knew I’d be adding a lot more frosting when I decorated it!

I smashed up green sprinkled sugar cookie which I then rubbed onto the sides of the 9 inch round cake. This would be the side and underside of the turtle. I then colored frosting two different colors of green. With a small straight tip I piped the light green lines on the top of the turtle body. This is not an exact thing since every turtle is different. Then I filled in the rest of the turtle shell with the dark green color with a star tip. I then piped the same green color frosting on the feet and head with a small star tip.

For the matching smash cake I used the small square pan as the base and very small turtle shape cake baking pan (75mm X 115mm) I had bought on eBay as the top. I also used 2 colors of green and blue, and the star and straight tips. I bordered the top of the small cake with sugar flowers and butter cream flowers as the bottom border. I decorated as I went on this cake, but I think it came out pretty good!

Homemade Turtle Cake

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