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3D Turtle Cake that Looked Almost Real to my 3yr Old

My youngest girl wanted a turtle cake for her 3rd birthday. I initially thought it might be a nightmare but I managed to come up with the turtle so close to the real for my 3 yr old.

I managed to get ideas from all over the websites and finally from the super market. Yep, that’s true. I read in many areas to make the head of the turtle I should use cup cakes and carve it but I am not so good at carving so I had to come up with something else. When I went to the supermarket to get the icing sugar I saw in a trolley some packs of raisin buns and I thought that  might work. When I went to pick up some from the shelf I came across Swiss rolls and I used that for the neck part.

So the turtle cake was made with various things. I used a Pyrex dish for the shell of the cake, flat cake for the feet and cut out some shapes that looked a bit like the feet of a turtle, a raisin bun for the head and the Swiss roll for the neck, snake lollie for the tail, M&M’s with peanut for the eyes and lastly some almonds for the toes. I chose the colors green and brown as the little one wanted that combination for her turtle.

Everything went all smooth till I completed it. As I was cleaning the kitchen I saw the neck just snapped. Since the Swiss roll is quite soft, it had come down. I panicked but used the left over butter cream and put heaps and patched it up and had to use extra stuff to make it hold and placed it in the fridge to make it hard.

During the party, I was nervous but everyone loved it especially the little one. She was firstly a bit scared thinking it was real and then when she realized it wasn’t real she wanted to keep it as her pet! For those of you wondering if the neck snapped again…..yep! it sure did but way after the cake cutting and I was soooooooo relieved!

3D Turtle Cake that Looked Almost Real to my 3yr Old

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