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Coolest Turtle Cake with Turtles Chocolate Filling

I thought I would submit this Turtle cake with turtles chocolate filling I made for a very dear friend of my mom’s. According to my mother this amazing lady really likes turtles, and as soon as I heard about this – it was like a picture popped up in my mind! Cake shaped as a turtle and with chocolate and caramel and pecan filling inside. From that point on I was just working through the image in my head.

I actually looked through a lot of photos of real turtles, just to see how the shell is colored and how it is formed. Making this cake took a lot of hand-shaping, to make fondant resemble a shape of the turtles shell. Then I used my favorite cake decorating tool – airbrush and it was a lot of fun to color the pattern. It was a real painting project! I covered work area as much as I could but still managed to airbrush floor, my white socks and my face in the process.

When the shell was done I started adding detail: legs, head made from crumbled up cake mixed with chocolate cream. The little crown was made a couple of days ahead of the cake from royal icing piped over tiara printout and dried over a curved surface. I actually made a few royal icing tiaras, mostly for little girls’ cakes. They make a great looking cake topper and look delicate and beautiful. I also added some flowers and pressed some leaf-shaped fondant cutters into the cake base, covered with thin sheet of fondant and colored the shapes with powdered cake color.

Overall it turned out just like I pictured it in my head: beautiful and cheerful and funny – a good match for the wonderful person it was made for! My parents who brought it over for her birthday, said that she was both surprised and delighted by this cake.

Allow me to offer a little encouragement for those who may feel worried about making their own unique cake: if you can imagine it – you can create it! It may not be perfect, but it will be always appreciated. Good luck!

View from the top

Finished cake