Coolest Unicorn Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted a Pegasus Unicorn birthday cake for her 5th Birthday. She wanted it to be jumping over pink clouds. SOOOO, I found a horse cake on this website that worked great.

I got the CK Unicorn/horse cake pan. Followed the directions for making the candy portion, first time I had ever done this. It was easy, but the head and leg kept breaking off. So, I had to try and mend it, did the best I could.

The wings are made from cardboard cut outs that were frosted and coated with coconut. Just took some skewers and poked them into the cake. I ran out of pink icing when making the cloud so it is not as nice as I would have liked it.

Hope you enjoy it.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Unicorn Birthday Cake”

  1. This would be sooo perfect for my little girl who is turning 7. She wants rainbows and unicorns. BUT I can’t buy this cake tin anywhere but the US. If you have finished with it can I buy it from you and pay you to post it to Australia?


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