Cool Homemade Unicorn Cake

This unicorn cake was for a coworker’s mom. It was for her birthday. Instead of it saying Happy Birthday it was to say ‘Happy Granny Day’. He said she had a thing for unicorns and the color purple. So of course, why not make those two things the main focus of the cake!

This was a strawberry shortcake with fresh strawberries inside. I made the whip cream frosting myself and, oh man. I did not realize how hard it was to try to stabilize this type of frosting. I made one batch and had to start over. It just wasn’t working. I think it also didn’t help for some reason because it was too warm in my apartment.

On to the unicorn. I was so frustrated with that thing! Mind you this was my FIRST ever 3D creation like this. But in the end I think it turned out OK. I know now what I need to do different next time when making something like that again. I did all this in the same day. I should have made the unicorn days ahead of time to allow for drying time so it could harden.

The joys of baking and cake decorating!

Happy Baking!

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