Coolest Upsy Daisy Birthday Cake

My 2 year old boy loves “up day” as he calls her and I was going to make a digger cake, but at the last minute opted for Upsy Daisy. To his great delight (and mine) my homemade Upsy Daisy birthday cake was a huge success.

I purchased the sponge and set to work on the construction. I got the idea for the model from this website. I mixed the icing sugar with butter and food coloring.

I WILL NOT make next years cake with butter icing sugar. It was REALLY difficult to put stripes and curves, ie: detail on with different colors with the butter icing. It required Great patience and the finished product could have been a lot better. It certainly does give it a “home made” feel, but it would be easier (by about 3 hours or so) and better looking had I just bought ready made icing, colored it, kneaded the color in and rolled it out – then copied and cut the appropriate pieces in.

I have already bought long lasting fondant icing and have it in the cupboard for experiments till the next birthday comes around.

This homemade Upsy Daisy birthday cake was rewarding and well received and even though took me 4 hours to decorate, well worth it at the time.

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