Coolest Upsy Daisy Birthday Cake

I was inspired by this website and all the fantastic photos on it, to actually do this Upsy Daisy Birthday Cake.

I bought 3 Tesco small cake mix packs and duly made all 3, in Pyrex dishes (as someone else had suggested on here). If anything they came out too flat, but I thought hey-ho it’s for a 2 year old, they won’t notice!!

I cut out the shape of Upsy Daisy’s body and arms from one sponge, having printed a picture to copy from the Cbeebies website. Then I cut out her head (including the hair spikey bits) and hands from the other sponge, and her legs/ feet from the other. I did have lots of odd bits left over which I fed the kids over the next few days!

For the icing I bought Regalice ready to roll coloured and white icing from Tesco. (Another suggestion from this website!) I rolled it out and cut the shapes from a combination of the template and by eye, bit of luck involved too!!

I was amazed how far it goes, I hardly used any. Now I have loads left for more creations!

I had a spare tube of blackcurrant writing icing which I used for the facial details, I think it was a bit old as it kept clogging up but it was OK when I dunked it in warm water for a while.

The flowers on her top are Fiddes Payne sugar flowers, also from Tesco. I just thought they added a nice touch.

Anyway, the colours aren’t completely true to the actual, but my daughter absolutely loved her “uts dais” cake and took it to nursery for all her friends to share. Even the teachers said it was delicious!!

Thank you to all who had previously submitted Upsy Daisy cakes, I couldn’t have done it without you!

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