My mother and I made my daughter’s 3rd Birthday Cake and cupcakes featuring the Veggie Tales. Miss Add is a mega fan of the veggie tales and so we have been planning the Veggie Tales Cupcakes and Birthday Cake for months.

About a month ago I started making cupcake charms out of polymer clay to go along with the cake. I decided to use clay vs. fondant because I knew my daughter would love to play with the figurines afterward and BOY was I right. She adores them! I figured if I was going to go to all that work, I just as well make them out of something that would last.

My mother and I collaborated on the cake design. She used a round pan for Bob and we converted a Raggedy Ann pan into Larry.

We were thrilled about the outcome. We loved it. Miss Add LOVED every bit of it. It was pretty easy to do and I would highly recommend it to anyone with a veggie fan on their hands.