Coolest Veggie Tales Bob and Larry Cake

My little boy was turning 3 and my little girl was turning 1. Their birthdays are in the same month so we did one big party for the both of them. They both love Veggie Tales so I thought of this homemade Veggie Tales Bob and Larry cake.

I used 2 box cake mixes. One 9×13 and cut out Larry. One 9 in. round cake (half of one box cake mix) – Bob. And with the other half of the cake mix I did 12 cupcakes.

I used paste food coloring (can get at cake store or craft stores) to make green and red. First I did a crumb coat of thin frosting. Let it dry for 30 min. And then do your final frost. After about 30 min. I put plastic wrap on the cakes and used my hands to smooth out the frosting. I cut big marshmallows for the whites of the eyes and got black candy (off band m&m) for the black of the eyes. Make sure the white of the eyes are touching (it looks better).

I used white frosting for “glue” when putting the eyes together. I also used a small piece of marshmallow I cut for Larry’s tooth. The black of Larry’s mouth is a tube of black frosting from the store. I also used marshmallow for Bob’s mouth. I cut it and made it into the mouth shape (made it flat with my hands first).

I used a “leaf” tip to pipe the green “stem” on Bob. With a small piece of marshmallow (covered in green frosting) for the stem and just piped on the frosting for the leaves. The nose is just frosting I left out overnight to get a little hand and then made it into a little ball.

I put the cupcakes on my cupcake tree. I got veggie tale gummy candy at Wal-mart (it was at Easter time with the Easter candy) to put on the cupcakes. I did all of this the day before the party and I left it out. I didn’t cover it or put it in the fridge. Everyone loved this homemade Veggie Tales Bob and Larry cake!

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