Coolest Warthog Birthday Cake

My son’s 5th birthday was coming up and I hadn’t organised his cake because he was changing his mind everyday on what shape he wanted. It got to about 2 weeks before his birthday and he announced he would like a warthog cake! I laughed thinking he couldn’t be serious, what child would ever want a warthog cake?! After a few days of he confirming that yes, that’s what he wants, I started to freak out! My mum always makes the birthday cakes and I just help with a little of the decorating and I had previously announced I was going to make this cake all by myself, haha what a cake to start on! He was very specific in that he didn’t want it to look like Pumba from the Lion King, he wanted it to be realistic, but cute.

I searched the internet for warthog cakes and only found one that wasn’t a Lion King cake, not much help because it was made with fondant which I have never used before. So I found a how to draw warthogs video on YouTube and practiced that for a few days. Then I transferred the outline on to some baking paper the right size. I baked a large chocolate cake then put it in the fridge for it to firm up and placing the baking paper picture on the top, using a sharp paring knife cut the cake into the shape. I then made a normal chocolate icing (icing sugar, cocoa and hot water), covered it in the brown icing and then using icing pens I went over doing the detail.  My son thought it was amazing and especially loved the stinky fumes and flies I put around the warthogs bottom!  I was shocked it actually turned out, phew what a mission!

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