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Coolest Waterfall Birthday Cake

My son wanted a Diego party so the first thing I did was come on to this website for some great ideas. I saw a Waterfall Birthday Cake already posted on here and then added some of my own ideas to it. I added a third layer of cake.

The first layer had the waterfall cascading down into the second layer. I added a third layer of cake to have the water cascade into. I put a gummy shark in the water because I thought my son would enjoy it. It was the first thing he grab when he saw the cake. I used rocks(made of chocolate) to go along the waterfall and place a few in the water. I used some toy palm trees that my son already owned.

I put a toy baby jaguar on the top of the mountain and a toy Diego in front of the mountain. I baked the cakes two days before and froze them until I was ready to decorate them because it avoids having any crumbs get into the frosting and easier to cut when shaping the mountains. The kids and adults really enjoyed this cake.

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