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Cool Homemade Waterfall and Tinkerbell Cake

We (Laura and Amy) created this waterfall cake after the pictures we saw from this website. We also added a waterfall and pond. We used a set of Tinkerbell figure-ines purchased at Disney store. We actually did a “practice cake” first to work out all the bugs. Then we attempted the finished produce the day before my daughter’s first birthday party.

We ended up using a store bought lemon cake mix, and adding poppy seeds to it. We figured with all the extra work we added to the decorating, no need to fret over the actual cake. We used store bought icing as well, that we colored with professional coloring. We sampled many different piping’s, gels, and icings for the delicate decorating.

We used m&m’s for the pebbles, Ferro rocce for the boulders, and colored gels for the water. We followed the previous decorators for the trees and turrets, adding candied apples to the trees. We highly recommend icing the cakes all separately, and assembling them one by one. We also assembled them flush in the back to make room for the lettering in the front for the “Happy Birthday “Whomever”.

We let each piece set and cool before assembling so that it was easier to work with. It was very time consuming, but well worth it in the end. Add a few mimosas during the decorating process and everything shall go smoothly. Just don’t drink too many, and miss spell “Birthday”! Good Luck!

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