Coolest Waterfall Cake

My daughter asked for a “nature cake” for her 9th birthday. I already knew I wanted to do some kind of waterfall and I happened to find a cheap pack of animals at the store which even included a couple of trees and rocks.

I used a simple from-scratch yellow cake recipe but doubled it. The bottom is a 12 inch and then two 8 inch cakes. I used chocolate icing just where I thought the next layer would go. I layered one 8″ on top of the bottom 12″. I then used a pizza cutter to trim a little off the 2nd 8″ to make the top layer and layered it on top with some more chocolate icing. I then secured the plastic rock on top with more icing.

I tinted some vanilla icing blue then started at the center of the rock and worked my way down, making sure to use a spatula to make the icing look like water flowing down. I then used chocolate icing for the rest of the cake.

Next step was the grass. I put coconut in a Ziploc baggy and added green dye until it looked like grass. Added that next to the waterfall. I then placed the animals and trees around the cake! Voila! This homemade waterfall cake actually was a whole lot simpler to do than I thought. I did not see a cake to duplicate I just kinda had a picture in my head. I think it took about two hours to decorate (but I had kids running in and out so that always adds time to projects!).

2 thoughts on “Coolest Waterfall Cake”

  1. Wow super mom you’re the best most creative person in the world!!!! And this cake was soooo epic!!!! And yummy! You’re amazing!!!!!

  2. Fantastic job on the waterfall cake! Try using icing gel dyed blue for the water next time, it turns out really well. :)

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