Coolest Watermelon Cake

A friend wanted a 4th of July watermelon cake for him and his family. He’s diabetic so I made the small watermelon made with a diabetic cake recipe and the icing was half sugar and half splenda.

They really enjoyed this cake.

13 thoughts on “Coolest Watermelon Cake”

  1. I too am diabetic and would love to have this recipe as well as some direction of the preparation of this wonderfully fresh looking watermelon cake. Awesome job- I bet it was enjoyed by all!

  2. I will be 92 AUGUST 27 and as a computer rookie, clinically dead, in BOSTON, in 1977, with aBG of 880, have been a ROLE MODEL to over 40.000, LIONS CLUB SINCE 1972,owe myself a treat to share with my friend throughout the years. What do I have to to get your recipe? AMIGOS

  3. Great cake! this is the perfect one I need. Please send instructions right away. I need for this weekend. Send to Maryjordan09[at] Thank you much!!!


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